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To Use Kesar In Pregnancy.

Kesar Is one of the famous Herb which is also known by the name ‘Golden Spice Of India’. Kesar is used as a flavoring agent in foods to enhance their taste, Besides this, it has many Health Benefits as well. Often Pregnant Women are told to consume Kesar and that is why these pregnant ladies are always confused about whether to eat Kesar or not During Pregnancy.

So let us know in detail Why and How To Use Kesar In Pregnancy.

1. If Saffron is consumed in the right quantity, then it can prove to be a boon for pregnant ladies But Cultural Ayurveda Practice suggests not to consume saffron during the first trimester that is the first three months of pregnancy so it can be used from the second or third trimester.

2. The expecting mothers whose bodies are susceptible to heat or who are more prone to miscarriage, such women should take saffron very carefully and only occasionally in small quantities or may avoid using it as it is hot potency food in nature.

Eating Kesar is safe and effective during Normal Pregnancy and is beneficial in many ways as well.

Generally, pregnant ladies are allowed to have 2-3 strands of saffron which are enough for them but more than that is not at all recommended.

1. It can be taken in a soaked form you can soak 2-3 strands of saffron in water for 10-15 minutes and that water can be either directly used for drinking or can be used in different sweet dishes for example rice pudding or in lassi, served during Pregnancy

2. Crushed Kesar is another way of using it Kesar can be scrambled using hands and it can be taken in a crushed or powder form by sprinkling it on desired Food.

3. The Most Recommended way of Using Kesar in pregnancy is to have it with Milk

4. It is frequently seen that b.p often fluctuates during pregnancy, so saffron keeps it under control. If strands of saffron are taken with milk, then pregnant ladies will never complain of blood pressure.

5. Sleeplessness is also a common problem during Pregnancy. Consuming Kesar Milk at night will not only overcome lack of sleep but will improve sleep quality as well.

6. If pregnant ladies consume saffron with milk in the morning, then it boosts the digestion process. Indigestion and acidity are constant during pregnancy so Kesar even does the job of keeping it to a great extent.

Besides this Whenever you buy saffron especially for having it during pregnancy you must keep these things in mind

1. The sweeter the smell of saffron the bitter it tastes, So if it tastes sweet, then it is fake.

2. While selecting the saffron you should check whether it is dark-colored saffron or not. The darker the color of saffron strands, the more saffron is considered to be pure. Yellow strands of saffron should not be bought at all, it is of no use and holds no therapeutic value.



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